Installing Sick Beard is simple, just follow the directions below.
For more detailed instructions look in the list of guides below.

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Windows Running binary releases is the simplest way to use Sick Beard on Windows

Download & Run the executable

  1. Download the latest binary release from google code
  2. Extract the contents of the zip to wherever you want Sick Beard to be installed
  3. Double-click SickBeard.exe

It's that simple, Sick Beard is now running in the background. It can be accessed through your web browser but it keeps running in the background even when your browser is closed. You will probably want to bookmark the Sick Beard page so you can retrieve it later.

To shut down Sick Beard just open it in your web browser and click the Shut Down link in the far left menu.

If you want SB to start on boot simply make a shortcut to SickBeard.exe in your "Startup" folder in your Start menu (dragging the exe will accomplish this).

Note: When you're first configuring Sick Beard it may be more convenient to use Sickbeard-console.exe which will allow you to monitor the console while it's running.

Note: Sick Beard can also run from source on Windows, you'll just have to roughly follow the same instructions as for Linux/OSX below.

Linux / OSX Download the Sick Beard source and execute it directly with python

  1. Install python (2.5, 2.6, or 2.7)

    To check if it is installed just type "python -V" in a terminal window

    In the unlikely event it's not already installed you can simply install it with your OSes package manager.

  2. Install cheetah

    Use your package manager: sudo apt-get install python-cheetah

    Or install from source:

  3. Retrieve the Sick Beard source

    If you have git installed (use "git --version" to check):
    • git clone git:// my-sickbeard-install
    If not:
  4. Start Sick Beard

    • cd my-sickbeard-install
    • python

How to make Sick Beard start on boot differs for every OS, check the guides on the right of this page or try the forums if you're having trouble.

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