SB failing for : Doctor Who (2005) - 5x14 - A Christmas Caro

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Re: SB failing for : Doctor Who (2005) - 5x14 - A Christmas

Postby zoggy » Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:52 pm

doctor_who_2005.a_christmas_carol_2010_special.hdtv_xvid-fov.avi = notice no S##E##. sb isnt going to know what to do with it. specials is not supported for many reasons.. they are released arbitrarily and generally the entry on tvdb for them doesnt exist until after they have been ripped. then also specials get renumbered all the time.. so its really just a lost cause.
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Re: SB failing for : Doctor Who (2005) - 5x14 - A Christmas

Postby SidebandSamurai » Sun Dec 28, 2014 5:31 am

This is the standard I follow. I think this is what TVDB uses also.

Doctor Who (2005)-S00E88 - Doctor Who at the Proms 2013.mkv

"S00" designates its a special. Specials are numbered sequentially no matter what year they air.

This is the standard Kodi (XBMC) follows and it works well for me.

The Kodi documentation has this to say:

2.4 Special episodes
Special episodes, if supported by your scraper, should be marked as being season 0. You should check the site being scraped to see what episode number to use, as they can be fairly arbitrary. For example, BlackAdder's Christmas Carol should have a file name that matches season 0 episode 3, e.g.:
BlackAdder.s00e03.BlackAdder's Christmas Carol.mkv

My $.02 worth.
- Sideband Samurai
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