farewell and best wishes!

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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby kongponleu88 » Sun May 14, 2017 6:37 pm

Just read this now....thanks for all your support in the past Zoggy! I too enjoy the fruits of sickbeard and I appreciate those who give/have given their time and energy to produce/support a great tool /thanks for this page

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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby Jay332843867 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:59 pm

utstanding their own born in such a poor and closed mountains, She began to hate all around, disgusted with the students talking loudly and their rustic appearance, disgusted their own very clean mother did not wash their clothes . in short look at all the side is not pleasing to the eye, she felt this The environment so that her outstanding gray, faded. So that later, no classmate willing to play with her, even his own family also feel no way to communicate with her. Finally, the girl's mother to the secretly weeping daughter received a piece of bamboo, let the girl look at the beautiful bamboo and grass on the ground, and told her, in fact, bamboo is a grass, but it did not despise their own side of the grass, But firmly doing their own bamboo, quietly to their own high, and ultimately the achievements of its beautiful beauty. And then, the girl changed, and later admitted to a very well-known university, but also has a very good job, the real achievements of a bamboo dream. After reading this story, I was silent for a long time, because such a small story to me is a great heart of the shock. I think bamboo is bamboo, the most important thing is because it has a bamboo heart. Often someone will say that life is very good or bad the most important decision on a person's mind, I think this sentence is very reasonable, too much time, is the mentality destined for our destiny. Too much time, we like the original girl, as has been doomed to the immutable Mens Air Max Shoes environment has too many Air Jordan 6 complaints, of course, the things complained that there is indeed, but since it is born, no Can change the objective environment, our complaints can not solve the problem. Like bamboo, it is living in the same environment as the grass, it does not make any complaints about the environment but it still grows into tall and tall bamboo, because it has the nature of a bamboo, and we have to do It is to make their own practice bamboo quality Talking about it, I can not help but think of another story I have read: the story is a very successful businessman, I can not remember his name, but his story I remember very clear. The story began on a ship to the United States, for various reasons, he and his wife's boat in the sea without fresh water and food, many people are dead, but he told his wife, we are going to live in the United States We must get there, we can not die, have the support of this faith, they drink their own urine, and even eat the flesh of the dead, and ultimately, the search and rescue personnel in the United States found the boat, the boat only two of them Still Nike Heels Womens Shoes alive. Later they started from the bread, made a great success, became the famous bread king. At a speech after his success, an American asked him: I was a man who had lived in the United States for decades, why did not I succeed and you were so successful? He called the American side, took off his own jewelry, took off his clothes, and then asked the Americans to see Cheap Nike Shoes Sale what the Americans said, I saw an ugly Asians. He is right, the successful businessman is indeed a handsome Chinese people. Then he told the Americans: yes, my appearance is not out of the place, but the key is that I have a successful heart, even if I take all the things now, a few years later, I was a rich, and you But can not do! Compared with the Nike Air Presto Mens beautiful girl in the story, the bread king looks Authentic Kids Nike Shoes really a grass, and worthy of our thinking is that he has completed this change from grass to bamboo. I think the most important, but also as he himself Cheap Nike Mens Shoes For Sale said, he has a successful heart! Work, life, often hear a lot of people on the newspaper: leadership too do not attach importance to their own, the efficiency of the enterprise is too bad, people around is not good, not born in a prominent family and so on, I think Such a situation Cheap Air Jordan Shoes may indeed exist, and this status quo is also in the vast majority of people who exist, but still some people, like we were born for the grass, broke through their own destiny into a tall and beautiful bamboo, Become the scenery above the grass, I think the most important thing is that they practice into a bamboo heart it.If you are not willing to do just an ordinary grass, let us stop unnecessary complaints and dissatisfaction, from the practice of a bamboo heart began!Fifty life illusion - see you have a few? Life on the road is never a horse Pingchuan, when the time when the fall, floating, when crying when laughing, sad joy, self-confidence when we believe in their own intuition, frustration, always feel as illusion, and these illusions will make People fall into some life whirlpool, if not see through, may endanger your life. The following 50 life illusion, it is worth to see! 1, individuals can only be changed by reality If you become strong enough, others can not refuse you; if you can order yourself, the difficulty can not hinder you ... as long as you first change Cheap Nike Shoes your own, you can change your world, change your life. 2, why Huaihui not always me The world is not pregnant, only do not know how to self-marketing people; pregnant with the truth is not good enough, not enough effort. 3, ever
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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby Jay332843867 » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:09 pm

at get rid of a strange hairstyle, put on the clothes are not men and women, spray pungent perfume, others will pay attention to you, to understand that the eyes of others is to see someone else to see a different monkey. Many of the educated people do not write on the face of your resentment, but this kind of resentment will undoubtedly bring you extremely unfavorable consequences. Do not look down on working people. Do not be ashamed of labor. The land is not dirty, sweat is not bad. Please respect those who seem to live like you, but still with their own hands honest labor to feed their families, because it is respect for themselves. Always sympathize with those who live in the bottom of the people, because our loved ones is in these people. We are not delicate. We must be able to feed ourselves, this is where your dignity lies. Do not underestimate a penny. May wish to earn their own earn. Life sometimes to be Nike Free Run Shoes tough, be bullied, Official Nike Running Shoes must be back! But do not hate. Villain see, go with them. The principle of tolerance and compassion will make you noble.Have a careful girl is lovely, but do not use this kind of scheming in the infighting, that will be very tired.Do not be too high profile, high-profile easy to provoke right and wrong. But not too low-key, the powerful when the tough, but must not be aggressive.When a friend is hurt, do not doubt friendship, but beware of betraying you. forgive, but not forget. Do a few people innocent innocence, to keep some chivalrous friends. To be happy, to be cheerful, to be tough, to warm. This has nothing to do with character. But you have to be loyal, hardworking, sincere respect for others, so that your life will not be dark.Stay on their own, but also to others. When you will not be angry because of little trivial little things or sad, you will be a lot easier.To forgive the world and yourself.To tell yourself that I deserve to have the best of everything.Way out, go out Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes only way This is my mother often say a word, Womens Nike Heels Shoes whenever I face difficulties and fear of hard times, my mother used this sentence to encourage me.' Many people have the same confusion and Tucao, such as how hard in their own small home, feel their life is not willing to spend so much, how their job is not satisfied, do not know whether to leave or pull up and Women Air Max 2015 fight back. You ask me, I do not know how you should choose, life is their own, who can not replace what you do the choice. There is a familiar courier with me, I worked with him for three years before. At the beginning of the co-operation, he was responsible for receiving and sending, when I moved, he arranged for me twice the company's Authentic Nike Air Max Shoes van, and sometimes he sent the way to put me in his three jumpers when the goods sent Back to my house. He often told me to live in the home of the rural farming life, as well as the parents before the city's concerns and the village people for his description of the terrible city of the world. At that time he, the wages are not high, hard work, his wife pregnant, the child is about to be born, living in Beijing is a suburb of the place. There must be a lot of people want to say: 'This is still mixed in Beijing what awkward ah!' But he is happy every day, even if the courier to send the wrong also cheerful. One day, he suddenly handed me a bunch of other companies courier told me alone: ​​'I opened a Authentic Women's Nike Shoes courier company, you see me on my home with it.' I am a bit surprised, there is a ' Zhang boss is good, today, even three jump child me 'feeling of emotion. Mens Nike Free Shoes After that I rarely see him, I thought his child was born to leave. And then, I can only see the list to see him. One day, I asked their company's courier, the young man said the boss went to Shanghai, opened a new company in Shanghai. I am very worried to ask him: 'That the Shanghai market is not fierce? New courier how to stop ah!' Young man hey smile said: 'Our Cheap Nike Shoes Sale boss certainly have a way to chant! He has been in the past few months, it is said to be very good '' That wife and children? Children are not just born very small? '' Passed, went to Shanghai! ' That moment, I looked back at the office sitting in a variety of frown colleagues, and raised the phone black screen as a look at my own face, a 'life has been so difficult, some things do not break through' the atmosphere Rising up. Not to say that they are hoping to go out to open the company was powerful, in the company staring eyes to see the screen is not developed, I want to say, only the courage to make their own changes. Each of us feel that they are more and more introverted, more and more autistic, the more lonely and lonely, so that the breeding of 'a new environment, I will not agree with this character with other people get along, so still Forced to make do with the 'thoughts and feelings. Rather than their own autistic, in fact, is lazy, do not want to break through their own hard to build up the safe area. So everyone is living in the envy of others jealousy hate and Tucao complain life is not a blog, and made just graduated students are living with the same 30 years old. 'Refused to mediocrity' in a word: a l
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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby bestboots » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:35 am

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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby kael5 » Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:30 pm

All the best Zoggy!!!
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Re: farewell and best wishes!

Postby kuramin » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:31 pm

semoga bagus dan hasilnya memuaskan Walatra Gamat Emas Kapsul
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