Louis Vuitton Bastille 100% Authentic 80% Sale

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Louis Vuitton Bastille 100% Authentic 80% Sale

Postby susanadams » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:56 pm

http://www.realbagwholesale.com is authorized Louis Vuitton outlet seller. All the items at this site are made in France, 100% original and brand new from the factory. Louis Vuitton Bastille will come with the original LV box, the authenticity card, serial No., dust bag and care booklet.

Easy-to-wear and easy-to-carry in any and all social situations, this zipped shoulder tote is all about casual chic. The supple leather and contemporary design bring understated elegance to any look.
13.8 x 11.0 x 4.3 inches
(Length x Height x Width)
- Hand, elbow or shoulder carry
- 2 thin comfortable handles
- Removable shoulder strap.
- Embossed calf leather with smooth calf leather trim
- Textile lining
- Shiny golden color metallic pieces
- Double-zip closure
- Exterior zipped pocket
- Interior zipped pocket and double smartphone pocket
Frequently asked questions:
1. Are you selling authentic Louis Vuitton handbags?
As you know, our company have been in this line for many years and we won't ruin our reputation to cheat your money. We have received lots of customers' feedback and you can check http://www.realbagwholesale.com/reviews.html for more details.
2. Why are your price so inexpensive?
Actually these are the wholesale price for our customers, because most of our customers are long time customers and they stock our bags in large quantity to resell at their location. We welcome our new customers to make trail order to test the authenticity and quality.
3. Is shopping on your site safe?
We are doing honest business. Our company will arrange the shipment and send your goods as soon as we confirm your payment. And we will send you the tracking details once we send your package. It usually takes 5-7 days to ship to your door after your payment. Free Shipping Worldwide & None Taxes Needed!
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Re: Louis Vuitton Bastille 100% Authentic 80% Sale

Postby Zhengrice » Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:55 pm

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Re: Louis Vuitton Bastille 100% Authentic 80% Sale

Postby solo » Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:49 pm

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Re: Louis Vuitton Bastille 100% Authentic 80% Sale

Postby TechnologyWork » Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:55 am

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