Torrents downloaded but not queued in client

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Torrents downloaded but not queued in client

Postby johnodon » Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:23 am

Looks like I hit my first problem. Is this a known/common issue with SB (or maybe this fork)?

Ubuntu Desktop 14.04

I have tried 3 different clients (utorrent, deluge and transmission) via both blackhole and direct add . If I add a new TV show and tell SB to snatch ~10 torrents to start, if it finds all 10 only 6 - 8 will actually be queued in the client. From what I have seen in the log, SB is not encountering any errors (except with PB magnets and deluge which I think is expected...timeout error).

This prompts a second question...

If I have SB configured to send torrents directly to utorrent, should I still expect to see the torrent downloaded to the /home/user/utorrent folder (where my utserver is installed)? Is this expected and how the integration with utorrent works (non-blackhole)?

Just wondering if others have seen this before and if it is an expected result or if there is a workaround/fix. I'll supply some examples/logs shortly.

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