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Format help

Postby Korriban » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:52 am

Hi everyone, long time no see.
I've recently decided to format my hard drive, and I have some questions about my backup files
1) I currently have 46 shows (27 active) on sickbeard, along with settings(subtitles, locations, etc) concerning them. Is it possible to backup some file(like the config.ini) to keep these settings after the format? Also, since the piratebay fork is discontinued, i will probably change to sickrage. Will they be compatible?
2) Right now, I have close to 900 torrents, and they are spread between 10 different folders and sub folders, and, for obvious reasons, it would be really tedious and time-consuming to re-arrange them. I have already backed the .torrent files, is there some way to back up their respective download locations and automatiacally arrange them again after the format?(I think there is a portable utorrent version, can i somehow transfer my torrents to it before format or something?)
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