Broad overview of what configuration options are available for
Sick Beard. More detailed info is available on the config pages.

Search settings

Sick Beard does not download actual TV episodes, it only downloads .torrent/.nzb files. In order to automate your downloads you need to also configure SB to communicate with your favorite download program.

  • Torrents: SB will place torrents in a "watch folder", you should then configure your torrent client to pick up torrents from that same folder.
  • NZBs: If you use SABnzbd or NZBGet Sick Beard can send NZBs directly to your download client, just fill in the necessary settings. If you use another client you can configure a "black hole" folder (aka watch folder) as described for torrents above.

Note: Usenet/NZBs are far better suited for automated download programs like Sick Beard. Here is a short explanation of how/why.

Search Providers

Simply check off the providers you want Sick Beard to use for searches. Some providers require registration and will need to be configured in the "Configure Providers" section. Also note that some providers can download new episodes only and do not support backlog searches.

You can also configure your own providers for any site running Newznab (free NZB indexing software). If you are part of a private community with a Newznab server you can set it up inside Sick Beard on this page.

Post Processing

Once your download client finishes downloading an episode Sick Beard can sort & rename it, generate metadata for your media front end, and notify you that the download is finished. For this to work you need to configure some way for Sick Beard to know that the download is complete.

  • SABnzbd: SAB can tell Sick Beard directly when a download is done, simply use as your default post-processing script for the TV category (and fill in the fields in autoProcessTV.cfg).
  • Other clients: For other clients you will need to configure the "TV Download Dir" inside Sick Beard and then enable "Scan & Process". SB will then watch that folder for new downloads and process them when it finds them.

The first thing SB will do is move every episode into the folder you specified when you added the show. If enabled it will also rename them based on the naming scheme you define.

Many HTPC clients support extra metadata for each show & episode (plot descriptions, thumbnails, dvd posters, etc). You can configure which files Sick Beard will generate in the Metadata section.

For more info on how to set up Post Processing check the wiki.


Sick Beard can notify you when it downloads the .torrent/.nzb file for an episode and when your client finishes downloading an episode (assuming post processing is configured). For some HTPC software Sick Beard can also notify it that a new episode has been downloaded so that the HTPC can update it's local episode library (XBMC, Plex, NMJ).

Sick Beard supports a wide variety of notifications for your PC and phone, simply enable the ones you want to use.